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Technology Changes

We definitely live in an age of technology that did not exist 20 or 30 years ago. I was reminded of this the other night watching tv.

I grew up in the 70’s so I remember all the technology that existed during that time. So a couple of nights ago, I was watching “That 70’s Show”, on my 52 inch HD 1080 p flat screen plasma TV, broadcasting through Netflix through the internet through the XBOX 360 through the HDMI 1 Port.

What struck me was the technology displayed during the TV show. The rotary dial telephone on the wall, the 8 track and cassette players as well as the tube tv. Even more interesting was my 14 and 12 year old children were watching and had no idea what some of the items really were.

As I was sitting with my wife, who also has some 70’s experience, we were laughing and reminiscing about the “good old days” and 8 tracks and cassettes. If you are from that era, do you remember using the dial phone and the noise it used to make when you would dial someone's number, and how fast you could dial the number?

As I sat there, I started to truly realize how far communication technology and information technology has evolved. It was even a little surreal, watching the old tv show on all the new technology, while all the time I was checking the baseball scores on my smartphone while watching the tv. I even think I checked the weather a few times.

The same technological breakthroughs are happening in the area of education. I do recall so home based studies, where you were given the book with some audio tapes and sheets to mail back in in order to get your mark from the school, but nothing even remotely close to what we experience today.

I have been a student for many years and have even taken, some online courses. However, not all courses are created the same or have the same ability to reach others and convey the content adequately. I have been able to grasp this evolution and develop online addiction training courses that leverage the power of the internet.

Today's technology has that ability to deliver content to professionals and students powerfully through the internet. The use of video, audio, chat rooms, forums, online links to web sites, downloadable content, payment systems, cross platform compatibility is revolutionizing training.

Here at iRecovery works, we have developed online courses that leverage this capability to deliver content right to your screen, be it a computer, tablet or smartphone. Our courses have a seamless online delivery system. You can browse course content, register, pay, complete the course and receive pre-approved completion certificates all online in one place.

When I think about the courses I am creating today in conjunction with the thoughts about the 70’s and 80’s reminded about the era I grew up in, I am in awe of the power of our technology and the freedom that has been created from this technology.