Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision

Introduction to the Course

Recovery Works has developed the Clinical Supervision for Addiction Counsellors Course.  This 30-hour on-line course with a 15 question exam as the student testing component meets the course requirements as outlined above.  This course meets the requirements of the accreditating board.

Text is Required-Clinical Supervision in Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselling by David J. Powell

Please be aware that this course requires that you have the textbook “Clinical Supervision in Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselling", by David J. Powell.  If you do not have a copy of this text, we have arranged a discounted price through the publisher.  

Please visit and use the code Powel upon checkout to receive the discount.

Goal of Course

To provide clinical supervisors knowledge, skills and abilities in order to be effective supervising addiction counsellors.  

These goals will be recognized as completed upon the submission of each learning objective for review, completing the individual supervision plan and passing the final exam.

Learning Objectives

This particular course will have four learning objectives.  These objectives will demonstrate the competency of the clinical supervisor in meeting one or all of the course educational standards for the clinical supervisors' designation. These objectives are listed below.

  • Describe what is Clinical Supervision.
  • Examine the major components of the clinical supervision models.
  • Compare and contrast different methods used in clinical supervision.
  • Describe the process of developing and individualized supervision plan.


  • Clinical Supervision For Addiction Counsellors Duration: 30 Hours

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